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I recently noticed that an application I'm building fails to load properly on Android 2.2 due to an SSL certificate warning:

enter image description here enter image description here

But it works just fine on Android 2.3. I didn't try any other versions yet. Any ideas what might be going on?

My current hypothesis is that Android 2.2's browser do not load intermediate certificates, can anybody confirm or deny that?

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There are some reports that connection may fail if certificates are sent by the server in the wrong order:… Mabye you are hitting the same issue – Nikolay Elenkov Jun 12 '12 at 3:06
Did you figure out what it was at all? – Louis Sayers Aug 10 '12 at 14:28
I just found this link - could be helpful – Louis Sayers Aug 10 '12 at 14:35

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