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How do I compile my code in Eclipse using keyboard shortcut key? I have Googled this but could not find any answer.

In addition, if you know how to move through different tabs in Eclipse using keyboard short cut key, please tell me that too.

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how to move through different tabs in eclipse using keyboard short cut key

Ctrl + F6, and then tap F6 to navigate through the tabs.

How do I compile my code in eclipse using keyboard shortcut key ?

The shortcut key can be found in the respective menu item. For a list of all Eclipse shortcut keys, use Ctrl + Shift + L

Reference: Effective Eclipse: Shortcut keys.

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For full project it is ctrl + B (build all), this will compile your code. For individual java class please use ALT + SHIFT + X and then J, this will compile and run the java application.

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In Eclipse to find out about the existing keyboard shortcuts or to change them, go to Window menu, click Preferences, in left sidebar expand General and select Keys. The list of commands and their keyboard associations will be on the right. You can use filter to quickly find what you are looking for.

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How to switch between open tabs:

CTRL + F6 will give you a list of open tabs that you can scroll through.

Alt + (left or right arrows) does switch tabs, but it in a very odd way.

Best Approach is : Ctrl + Page Up, Ctrl + Page Down

How to compile:

Ctrl + B is the general way.

A few more useful shortcuts:


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ctrl + b will compile your project.

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