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I am trying inserting values from a textfield in wxpyhton GUI. When I tried inserting value through a Textctrl, its giving me an error as "can't adapt type 'TextCtrl'"

This is my TextCtrl:

user=wx.TextCtrl(self,-1,value="Hello ")

And I used insert statement as:

cur.execute ('insert into users values(%s)' , (user))

Whats the correct method of inserting values from textctrl or other controls like checkboxes,dropdown etc into postgresql?

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user is just the reference to the TextCtrl object, not the value itself. Try using user.GetValue() instead of user in the execute line. Also I'm not sure but I think ? might be the place holder for the text rather than %s. –  GP89 Jun 11 '12 at 12:03

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You need to actually grab the data from the text control, not pass the text control object itself. The usual method is: user.GetValue().

I have written a couple articles on wxPython and databases using SQLAlchemy. They might help you figure this stuff out too:

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