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I'm trying to switch magento store views by url/href.

I created a default store view, with a cms where a block gets loaded which contains a landing page where you should choose your language. After it is chosen it appends the language code to the url and sets a cookie.

I created a second store view, with the base url http://myshop.dev/en/. So if the user has chosen "England" he gets redirected to http://myshop.dev/en/, but the english shop doesn't get called. Instead the message appears "There was no 404 CMS page configured or found."

I'm quite new to magento.

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Not very well worded, but sounds like you just want to create a store switcher drop down.

If so, have a look in app/design/frontend/base/default/template/page/switch/languages.phtml for an example.

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