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I have this post method:

    public ActionResult Invitations(SuperInvitationsEditModel model)

        var newmodel = new SuperInvitationsEditModel();

        if (hasErrors)
            SuperInvitationsErrorModel newErrorModel = new SuperInvitationsErrorModel();
            newErrorModel.Errors = model.Errors;
            return View(newErrorModel);

        return View(newmodel);

When this code in the if(hasErrors) executes I get this error.

The model item passed into the dictionary is of type 'MyProject.Models.SuperInvitationsErrorModel', but this dictionary requires a model item of type 'MyProject.Models.SuperInvitationsEditModel'.

I thought I can do this since the return value of the method is a generic ActionResult. Can anyone tell me why is this not working?

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because your current view is strongly typed. change the code as

 return View("yourviewname",newErrorModel);
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It has nothing to do with casting ViewResult to ActionResult. The problem is, that you have strongly typed view that expects the model of type SuperInvitationsEditModel (see @model on the top of Invitations.cshtml), but you are passing the model of type SuperInvitationsErrorModel to it.

You should merge the two view model classes (SuperInvitationsEditModel and SuperInvitationsErrorModel) into one, or create a standalone view for each of them.

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