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ipython notebook is really great, but there is a very boring problem. When the code has a problem you get the usual traceback telling you on which line the error is. The point is that in the notebook input there are not line numbers, so it is very hard to navigate into the code.

Is it possibile to add the line numbers?

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ctrl-M L toggles line numbers in the CodeMirror area. See the QuickHelp for other keyboard shortcuts.

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On IPython 2.2.0, just typing l (lowercase L) on command mode (activated by typing Esc) works. See [Help] - [Keyboard Shortcuts] for other shortcuts.

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I don't understand how this answer was not accepted (maybe posted too late?), because this is the correct one if you don't use CodeMirror but just IPython Notebook. EDIT: in fact IPython Notebook uses CodeMirror. So both answers are correct. Learned something new today, thanks! –  gaborous Oct 21 '14 at 15:50

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