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Hello to all this is my first question, may be I am so fool to ask this , but i cant understand the logic behind this.

I have a employee table in Joomla, my requirement is that , from front-end each employee edit, update, delete their information as well admin too from back-end do the same.

I don't know how to do this, may be i have to create a component for this or else? please guide me I have some knowledge about joomla, but this questions hit me from past two months.... really :(( fool am I.

I see the code in com_user in built component , but it is very bully to understand..

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You can use the code generated from the Joomla component creator to do the administration code. Then you can hack it to also edit from the front end. http://www.notwebdesign.com/joomla-component-creator/

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You've not mentioned what version of Joomla you're using ,but the com_user component is a core Joomla component to manage your users login and credentials, not necessarily an employee table(though you might be using it that way). If it doesn't meet your needs, I'd suggest looking at the many extensions that Joomla has in their clients-a-communities/user-management extensions before you hack that, and see if someone else has already solved the same problem.

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Follow the standard Joomla MVC framework to create a component for this. A very good tutorial available at Joomla Docs for Developing a Basic Component

In a nutshell:

  1. You need to create front end component for users to access/edit content
  2. Create backend component for administrator use

You can restrict certain actions to registered users by using the permission settings of Joomla. You can follow the below documentation: Adding ACL rules to your component

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