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Kindly point out if i have missed something? I have a project with type 'universe'. it works fine for iPhone.

I applied the following steps to get the iPad version.

1)  duplicate the .xib.
2) Open source Code mode { xib file} and do the followings.
    a) changed <archive type="" version="8.00">
       <archive type="" version="8.00">

b) replaced IBCocoaTouchFramework  with IBIPadFramework
c) changed the resolution of IBUIView to 
        <string key="NSFrame">{{0, 20}, {768, 1024}}</string>

Now, when i execute, i still see the output as if iPhone xib is embedded into the iPad view?.

am i missing anything ? Kindly point out the mistake i am doing?

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You should change the coordinates of all the controls used within that class also.

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Some how got it fixed by changing the co-ordination of main view.

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i had same problem , in my case, reopened Xib from FolderOption and deleted the ~iPad.XIb file duplicated again, this time replaced whole archive type instead of adding .iPad, there should not be any space between InterfaceBuilder3 and CocoaTouch

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