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I have an editor where its possible to paste a video url, which I by regex convert to an embed code.

The url in the WYSIWYG-editor is:

The output html is:


To look for this I use the following regex in JavaScript:


But for some reason the match contains the </p> aswell on matchgroup 2? How can I avoid that?

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Try this


See it here on Regexr.

Instead of matching any character with .* I use [^<]*, meaning match anything but "<".

I also removed the ? at the end since with the * quantifier you don't need it, I also escaped all your dots you want to match literally.

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In this specific case you can change the last . to [^<\s].


That way the match will stop at the first < or space.

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At the end swallows your p tag. I would rewrite the regex to


Now group 2 is clean

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