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  1. Does gmail support RFC1892(Delivery Status Notification) ?

  2. If so, how can I use JavaMail to parse the DSN. (Sample code is highly appreciated)

  3. If not, When a email can't be delivered through gmail, a failure message is returned. How can I detect these "bounced" messages?

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This is a good question – Krsna Chaitanya Jun 26 '13 at 11:21

2 Answers 2

1 - I don't know.

2 - Add dsn.jar from JavaMail to your classpath. Then use something like this:

    if (msg.isMimeType("multipart/report")) {
        MultipartReport r = (MultipartReport)msg.getContent();
        // see com.sun.mail.dsn package javadocs for MutlipartReport

3 -

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can post some sample implementation of this – Krsna Chaitanya Jun 26 '13 at 11:20

Related to this question.

The X-Failed-Recipients header seems to be the quickest way to identify gmail DSN. After that, it seems you must parse the text/plain content.

The subject seems to be Delivery Status Notification (*status*) where statuses that I've seen are: Failure, Delay.

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