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I have two dependancies on my iOS project.

  • The first is named LK, it is a general framework with some features used in ALL my projects (0 dependency).
  • The second is named LKS, it is a specific framework containing sharing functions (1 dependency to LK)

Problem : My current project has 2 dependencies (LK and LKS) and LKS has a dependancy with LK. So I have set the LKS Header Search Path to include LK headers. But I think it is dirty to do that.

Have you got a better solution to purpose to me to set my project architecture?

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Actually it's not "dirty" at all. If you are using '#import' Objective-C will keep headers from being included more than once.

If you intend to include LK everywhere you could add it to your 'projectName-Prefix.pch' file. This will force it to be included in all your projects headers, that way no need to explicitly include it in LKS.

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