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I'm looking for a framework to use to test a server. The server will provide a variety of services based around REST with JSON payloads. The server is written in node.js (Which I'm still learning).

I've been trying out APIEasy but have run into it's limitations in that it cannot pass data from test to test. I'm also not convinced that vows (which apiary is based on) is really making my life any easier.

So I'm looking for any recommendations that people have for the following criteria:

  1. Provide both console and some other output format that a CI Server can understand. I want to be able to run manually form the command line and automatically from a CI box.

  2. Provides a simple "syntax" for making REST requests to a server with JSON payloads.

  3. Can pass data between tests. This allows me to make a call to create a record, get back it's id and then use that in a subsequent test.

  4. Is written as a javascript node package. This last is simply because I prefer to have test frameworks in the same language and API as the code being tested. Makes things a lot simpler in the long run.

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Finally ended up using Restify http clients and mocka.

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