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I use Vimium for Chrome, which allows me to refresh with the r key. When I am using the dev tools I lose focus of the page, and have to click in the page in order to use r again (though I would obviously just refresh with the button). Does anyone know of a keyboard shortcut to switch from the dev tools back to the page? I know you can use cmd [ to switch panes inside of the dev tools, but can't find a way to switch back to the page.

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I'd also like to find some way to achieve this. It's very annoying that they chose cmd L for "jump to line number" in the dev tools, which clobbers the usual behaviour of focusing on the address bar... –  Adam Nov 27 '12 at 2:07
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There isn't a way to switch from the dev pane to the window, but cmd r accomplishes what was needed (a refresh of the page).

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I still haven't found a way to focus page from dev tools, but to focus on dev tools if already opened, hit Cmd+Opt+C. Then you can hit Cmd+[ and Cmd+] to switch tabs, and Esc to toggle console.

If dev tools is closed, to jump straight into console: Cmd+Opt+J


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