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I have tried to search for an answer in google, and this site, but it seems I cannot find anywhere, so I decided to ask.

I'm planning of using mochiweb as my webserver, and I studied it for few days now. My question is simple:

Where could I put or add a custom configuration? (e.g. Database connection setting), so mochiweb could load it and processing it?

Thanks Bromo

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Dear all, no need to answer this question, I already figure it out, on how to extend mochiweb, and add custom config for start up the server. – Bromo Programmer Jun 11 '12 at 22:35
If anybody can delete this thread ... welcome. – Bromo Programmer Jun 11 '12 at 22:36
You should write an answer with the solution and upvote and accept it: this way others can learn from your effort! ;) – Vincenzo Maggio Jun 12 '12 at 8:48
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What I did, was:

  1. I create a new folder inside priv, called: config
  2. I put my config file there
  3. I add a line inside mochiweb_sup.erl like below, to put my config folder as part of the parameters that will be passed to mochiweb_web.erl module:

    web_spec(Mod, Port) ->
        WebConfig = [{ip, {0,0,0,0},
                     {port, Port},
                     %% my code is below
                     {docroot, something_deps:local_path(["priv", "www"])},
                     {custom_config, something_deps:local_path(["priv", "config"])}],
  4. Than I read that additional path from mochiweb_web.erl module like below

    start(Options) ->
        {DocRoot, Options1} = get_option(docroot, Options),
        %% my code is below
        {ConfigPath, Options2} = get_option(custom_config, Options1),
        %% loading my config file
        {ok, FileHandler} = get_config_file(ConfigPath),
  5. Then I load my custom config file by creating a function as below:

    get_config_file(ConfigPath) ->
        FileName = "custom_config.txt",
        case file:consult(filename:join([ConfigPath, FileName])) of
            {ok, FileHandler} ->
                {ok, FileHandler};
            {error, Reason} ->
                {error, Reason}

That's it! now you can further process that config file as you like. If you want to process the config, I suggest you to process it inside the start(Options) block, and before mochiweb_http:start function executed, so if you need to pass the result, you can pass it as part of the arguments in mochiweb_http:start, but that means you need to extend the mochiweb_http:start function in mochiweb_http.erl module.


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