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I want to add a background image to a bar chart using Highcharts and display it in a UIWebView.

So far I've been using this little plugin, which is working fine in latest Chrome. However, as soon as I load this into my UIWebView, the image is not displayed. I think this is related to the fact that iOS might not be able to parse the correct path for the image file?

Is there another (simpler) way to just add a background-image to a bar chart?

In my Highcharts data series

color: {
   pattern: 'static/img/theimage.png',
   width: 160,
   height: 500

The plugin

 * Highcharts pattern fill plugin
(function() {
    var idCounter = 0,
        base = Highcharts.Renderer.prototype.color;

    Highcharts.Renderer.prototype.color = function(color, elem, prop) {
        if (color && color.pattern && prop === 'fill') {
            // SVG renderer
            if ( == 'svg') {
                var id = 'highcharts-pattern-'+ idCounter++;
                var pattern = this.createElement('pattern')
                            id: id,
                            patternUnits: 'userSpaceOnUse',
                            width: color.width,
                            height: color.height
                    image = this.image(
                        color.pattern, 0, 0, color.width, color.height
                return 'url(' + this.url + '#' + id + ')';

            // VML renderer
            } else {
                var markup = ['<', prop, ' type="tile" src="', color.pattern, '" />'];

        } else {
            return base.apply(this, arguments);
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I had a similar problem in that my iPad wasn't showing up my gradient background.

I solved this in the end by putting backgroundColor: null, in my JS and using a CSS3 gradient on the ID and declaring the height of the DIV. This would most probably work with a background image as well.

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yeah I think it should , check grid css files – Lakshitha Udara Jun 21 '12 at 0:41

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