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XDocument xDocument = XDocument.Load("...");
IEnumerable<XElement> elements = xDocument

    foreach (XElement elm in elements)
        comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("extID", elm.Element("id").Value  ?? "");
        comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("Title", elm.Element("title").Value ?? "");
        elm.Element("artists").Element("headliner").Value ?? "");

but I want the value of the element "image" with the attribute "size=large", I have been looking all night, and this is the closest I have come:

       .FirstOrDefault(i => (string)i.Attribute("size") == "large").Value);

Sample of the part of XML response:

<lfm status="ok">
    <events xmlns:geo=""
            location="Chicago, United States" page="1" perPage="1"
            totalPages="341" total="341" festivalsonly="0" tag="">
        <event xmlns:geo="">
            <title>Iron And Wine</title>
                <artist>Iron And Wine</artist>
                <artist>Dr. John</artist>
                <headliner>Iron And Wine</headliner>
                <name>Ravinia Festival</name>
                    <city>Highland Park</city>
                    <country>United States</country>
                    <street>200 Ravinia Park Rd</street>
                <image size="small"></image>
                <image size="medium"></image>
                <image size="large"></image>
                <image size="extralarge"></image>
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So, what's the problem? That seems fine, but it depends on what elm is (you don't show you how got from xDocument to elm). – HackedByChinese Jun 11 '12 at 14:39
You'll get NullReferenceException when no element with that attribute is found. – MarcinJuraszek Jun 11 '12 at 14:42
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XElement result = elm.Descendants("image")
   .FirstOrDefault(el => el.Attribute("size") != null &&
                         el.Attribute("size").Value == "large");
if (result != null) {
    process result.Value ...

Starting with C#6.0 (VS 2015), you can write:

XElement result = elm.Descendants("image")
   .FirstOrDefault(el => el.Attribute("size")?.Value == "large");
if (result != null) {
    process result.Value ...
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for somereason this wasn't working at first , it works great though now! – Scott Selby Jun 11 '12 at 15:21

you can use XPathSelectElement extension method

var node = elm.XPathSelectElement("descendant::image[@size='large']");
if (node!=null)
    var path = node.Value;
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+1. Simple solution. – Olivier Jacot-Descombes Jun 11 '12 at 16:46

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