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I'm creating a word document

     using (WordprocessingDocument myDoc = WordprocessingDocument.Create
(@"c:\generate\export.docx", WordprocessingDocumentType.Document))          
  { MainDocumentPart mainPart = myDoc.AddMainDocumentPart(); 
    mainPart.Document = new Document();               
 var body = new Body();               
 var p = new Paragraph(new ParagraphProperties(new Justification()
 { Val = JustificationValues.Center }), new Run(new Text("test"))); 
// Save changes to the main document part.                 
mainPart.Document.Save();            }

How do i set page orientation to landscape

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You have to make a new section properties.

WordprocessingDocument wd = someDoc;

    new Paragraph(
        new ParagraphProperties(
            new SectionProperties(
                new PageSize() { Width = (UInt32Value)15840U, Height = (UInt32Value)12240U, Orient = PageOrientationValues.Landscape },
                new PageMargin() { Top = 720, Right = Convert.ToUInt32(right * 1440.0), Bottom = 360, Left = Convert.ToUInt32(left * 1440.0), Header = (UInt32Value)450U, Footer = (UInt32Value)720U, Gutter = (UInt32Value)0U }))));

Where left == left margin and right == right margin (doubles).

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