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Does anyone know how I can get Anonymous Functions to appear in the Netbeans Navigator? Is there a custom thing I can add like a comment block? (This is for PHP) It becomes very difficult to navigate with many of these:

prggmr\handle(function() {
  foreach ($result as $user) {        
      prggmr\signal(Events::NOTIFICATION_ADD, $type, $content);
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Offtopic: I always wanted to thank you for your awesome programming videos, but I don't have a YouTube account... :) So, thanks for your effort and for sharing your knowledge, you gave me some really good ideas and helped me a lot with them! –  Quasdunk Jun 11 '12 at 15:04
Haha somebody found me on here! Well I am glad they helped you man :D –  JREAM Jun 11 '12 at 15:15

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I know you can add this to PHP classes for properties and methods, using PHPDocumentor (it's installed by default I think) like so:

 * @method void my_method() my_method(string $var) This function does something
 * @property string $my_property

class MyClass

Perhaps if you wrap your Anonymous (ironic?) Functions inside a class (if it's not already) you can do this.

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