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We are working on a GWT web app project that needs to function on at least Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and iOS Safari, and which has a viewer that operates on large binary files that are not in a standard MIME format. Each file to be accessed by the viewer is present on the server and has a URL.

Without relying on browser support for the HTML5 FileSystem API which is not supported across a sufficient number of browsers, how do we cache those files on the client-side (for performance reasons) and access them (read-only) in the client-side viewer written in GWT?

Currently, to work on an iPad in addition to a Mac or PC, iOS Safari support is crucial and the File API is not supported in that Safari lacks the FileReader support and, in addition, lacks BlobBuilder API support.

Finally, reading the large dataset on the GWT server-side, serializing it, and sending it to the GWT client-side is sufficient to provide the data to the viewer, but does not sufficiently answer the question of caching the data for performance reasons.

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It appears that the answer is to convert that data into a media type recognized by a browser (e.g., a JPEG file) and load that resource via a URL into the DOM asynchronously using AJAX.

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