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A couple of days ago, Microsoft released the engine they're using to do git deployments to Azure. I've had a task on my TODO list for a while to get that kind of functionality set up on my DEV IIS server, so I'm interested in trying out Kudu for that purpose.

The "Getting Started" document shows how to run the web front-end, but everything in there uses "http://localhost:PORTNUMBER" type URL's for git repositories, site URL's, etc.

I realize this is probably getting too far ahead of them, but I'm wondering if anyone has pointers for how to set it up using real domains on "regular" IIS instead of all of the localhost bits?

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The project automatically sets up two websites on IIS for each application you add using the web front end. Kudu doesn't automatically map the bindings for them but it's relatively easy to open IIS and find the two sites named "kudu_appname" and "kudu_appname_service". The service website is the one that you point GIT too and the other one is the site itself. Just add public bindings to them by right-clicking and "edit bindings". You can then add public hostnames to them.

This is the easy part. The hard part that I'm still working on is getting authentication working so any random Joe isn't able to push to my kudu repository!

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