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I would appreciate if someone can tell me whether parameterized queries with named placeholders are possible in oursql, a python module for interacting with MySQL databases.

For example, I tried the sort of query one can use with sqlite3

c.execute('''select * from records where id=:id''', {"id": 2})

It did not work. I get a ProgrammingError in syntax. I was wondering if there is another way to do this in oursql.

If it is not possible in oursql do you know of another python module that can be used to interact with MySQL databases that allows parameterized queries with named placeholders.

Thank you for your help.

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The oursql documentation says it uses qmark notation which I don't think is compatible with this style of formatting. You are looking for a DB API that supports "pyformat". (See DB API specification under "paramstyle".)

My experience is with MySQLdb, which does support the "pyformat" paramstyle, where your query could be written:

c.execute("""SELECT * FROM records WHERE id = %(id)s""", {"id": 2})
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