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I want to fectch the numberformats from one listobject and apply it to another listobject in VSTO .

I tried using the approach :

for(int i=1 ;i<=sourceListObject.listcolumns.count;i++)
listobject1.listcolumns.item[i].range.numberformat  = sourceListObject.listcolumns.item[i].range.numberformat

but this didnt work .. as in the numberformats were not applied to listobject1.

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What you're trying to do is to copy number format on column-by-column basis. This would work only if all cells in each column had the same numberformat, otherwise NumberFormat Property returns null.

You should probably do it cell-by-cell (ListObject.Range.get_Item(1,1) is the first cell in the ListObject).

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