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I'm running the default installation of Haskell platform on Ubuntu and when I run this example "ghc -c -O Safe.hs" is not producing the Safe_stub.o file. I have checked this on a separate installation of Ubuntu on a friends box and on both 32 bit and 64 bit Ubuntu installs.

Can somebody confirm if this is specific to ghc-7.4.1 or Ubuntu installs only?


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It's a ghc-7.4 (ghc >= 7.2 actually) thing. That doesn't need and produce *_stub.o (or *_stub.c) files anymore. However, the command line for the final compilation has to change

$ ghc -no-hs-main -optc-O test.c Safe.o  -o test

You have to tell GHC that the main is not a haskell call.

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Good to know, I was on #haskell irc and a user said it was still in the specifications and that the stub might have just been redirected. Thanks, when I get around to it, i'll update the haskell wiki to reflect this. – Charles Durham Jun 11 '12 at 17:09

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