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I have this app on heroku the main part of it is called for which I have custom domains on heroku, and added endpoint ssl to it. it's all working. By the way, the original is very old, and it is hosted somewhere else not on Heroku.

On heroku, I just

heroku domains:add

Now, we have an order form for user to order stuff before they get to use the app. and the client wants to have its url as instead of I looked up routing constraint in Rails from RailsCasts to handle this subdomain redirect, so all's good. then I add it to heroku's custom domains

heroku domains:add

then I change the CNAME on the original host of to have it point to (or something). And now accessing does bring me to the order form! Just that the https part is showing the usual non-verified cert warning.

So I went ahead and got myself another godaddy certificate, but now when I try to add the certificate to heroku (I have done this once before for's https)

heroku certs:add ~/ssl/combined.crt ~/ssl/nopass.key

Adding SSL endpoint to order-dev... failed ! only one SSL endpoint allowed per app (try certs:update instead)

So it seems like I can't actually have more than one SSL certificate per app, does that mean I can actually use what I have for certificate for for also? If so, what do I have to configure? Or am I doing this all wrong, if so, what should I have done instead?

Thank you for helping out here!

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You should buy wildcard certificate for * as opposed to multiple certs.

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Thanks John, that did it! – Nik So Jun 13 '12 at 14:29
Adios, $40..... – Nolan Mar 6 '13 at 3:55

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