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How can I get gridcontrol records as an array?

I set an array as a datasource for a gridcontrol (devExpress component).

PersonFamily4grid[] tmpPersonFamily = new PersonFamily4grid[PersonFamiliesCOUNT];
for (int i = 0; i < PersonFamiliesCOUNT; i++)
    tmpPersonFamily[i] = new PersonFamily4grid();
    tmpPersonFamily[i].BirthDate = PersonFamilies[i].BirthDate;
    tmpPersonFamily[i].Job = PersonFamilies[i].Job;
    tmpPersonFamily[i].CodeMelli = PersonFamilies[i].CodeMelli;
    tmpPersonFamily[i].NameFamily = PersonFamilies[i].NameFamily;
    tmpPersonFamily[i].Nesbat = FamilyInfo_cbe_Nesbat.Properties.Items[PersonFamilies[i].Nesbat].ToString();
    tmpPersonFamily[i].Taahol = FamilyInfo_cbe_Taahol.Properties.Items[Convert.ToInt32(PersonFamilies[i].Taahol)].ToString();
grid_Family.DataSource = tmpPersonFamily;

Now when the user changes data in gridcontrol, I want to get changes from the grid and affect my base array.

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When user changes data in gridcontrol i want get changes from grid and affect my base array.

Why are you creating temporary array if you want to reflect changes to main array PersonFamilies. just simply assign PersonFamilies to gridControl's data source and it will automatically reflect changes to PersonFamilies.

If you know that class object are reference type, so their reference will not change if you assign the array directly to the gridControls data source as:

grid_Family.DataSource = PersonFamilies;

After making some changes to your data in grid view, check the object of PersonFamilies array that they are updated or not. It will surely update the array of objects.

If you want to work on some customized Data that contained in your PersonFamilies array then you can get the Iterate your temporary array tmpPersonFamily without getting it through the DataSource property of GridControl and it all depends on you how you will manipulate or reflect changes to your main array PersonFamilies.


for (int i = 0; i < PersonFamiliesCOUNT; i++)
    PersonFamilies[i].BirthDate = tmpPersonFamily[i].BirthDate;
    PersonFamilies[i].Job = tmpPersonFamily[i].Job;
    PersonFamilies[i].CodeMelli = tmpPersonFamily[i].CodeMelli;
    PersonFamilies[i].NameFamily = tmpPersonFamily[i].NameFamily;  

Hope this help..

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PersonFamily4grid[] personFamily = (PersonFamily4grid[])grid_Family.DataSource;
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