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I use Neo4jClient (.NET). I have to import master data like countries.

I've seen that Neo4j has a Java API for that (the batch insertion API). Is it possible to import data via the web interface or another tool?

If not, do I have to import the data via Neo4JClient wrapper with the Create() function?!


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It will be much faster if you grit your teeth and do this using the batch insertion API- either by writing an import script in Java or another JVM language or by using Michael Hunger's batch inserter, which inserts data from CSV. Check out Max de Marzi's post on the topic for a good approach.

Even though REST bindings are trying to offer decent performance, they'll never be as fast as native database access- and even if they were, the batch insertion API strips down some of the database features (multi-thread access, etc) to great improve initial import time.

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Also, could you try using Cypher CREATE since that is not as fast as Batch, but faster than REST, and should let you create stuff fast. gives some good hints ...

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Check out the Cypher neo4j import csv option. Maybe that helps. Otherwise just use a big Cypher query

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