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Let me first clarify my requirements :- I am making an application which will take any image and identify it (e.g. if I upload a picture of an apple then it should return me the text "apple"). I will use this text to search some products (this search functionality is already done).

I have seen Google Image search in which if you upload an image Google returns related images with a corresponding text (which identifies the image) in the search box.

I have searched for Image APIs - Google & Yahoo APIs are Depreciated :( Bing supports text to image search (Please correct me if I am wrong) TinEye api has Image to Image search but no corresponding text (Please correct me if I am missing something)

Thanks in Advance

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So what you're looking for is object recognition? As in, the object in the image should be recognized by the application - eg. if there's a car it should know the word "car" or if there's a bottle "bottle" etc.? If so, this is a pretty complicated field especially if you're working with a non-finite set. – Jani Hartikainen Jun 11 '12 at 16:39
It may or may not identify the object exactly.. but if it can give me the text like Google image search gives it will be sufficient.. if there is any way to fetch that text from google via some API or URL request or any other way.. that will do my Job. This is not for commercial use btw – indranil pal Jun 11 '12 at 16:46

You can probably look at what requests Google does using Chrome's or some other browser's developer tools. Then, replicate the requests in your own application and you should be able to scrape the data you want.

If you actually want to pursue some other solution than scraping off Google... As mentioned in my comment, it's a pretty complicated topic. I'm by no means a pro in machine learning or image recognition stuff, but I hope this gives you a general idea to what possibly research further:

What Google does is it looks for similar images. It probably uses some algorithm to analyze the image you send, calculates some sort of "hash" or such from the result, and then compares it to "hashes" of other images it has indexed.

How it gets the word(s) for the image I'm not so sure - I would guess it uses the words from the pages where the similar images are to guess what the image could be.

So the approach used by google is completely dependent on the fact they have tons of data to analyze like that.

Any other approach to recognize images would require some kind of machine learning algorithm, which would then be given sets of images and keywords, which you would use to teach it.

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Agreed, Google has tons of data.. I have tried to analyze Google's request, let me give you an example:- If you search Cake by text the url is pretty simple - google.co.in/search?tbm=isch&q=cake . But when you upload an Image it will encode that image and put that in URL. To be frank I dint understand how google encodes it. – indranil pal Jun 11 '12 at 17:13
In the case of using an image upload, it would appear to just use a standard HTML file upload form which gets submitted to the server. It would appear to do a redirect to a page with an ID in the URL to the result or something along those lines. – Jani Hartikainen Jun 11 '12 at 21:06

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