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Supose I have a WCF service which sends List serialized with protobuf-net. That function returns byte[], application/octet-stream.

Now, in my java application I have compiled MyClass.proto into MyClass.java and get from http the data sent before.

To deserialize 1 object I shall use

MyClass MyObject = MyClass.parseFrom(http_input_stream);

But what shall I use if an array comes...?

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What do you mean "if an array comes...?" ? I'm assuming your java code is based on a .proto, which presumably has that data as repeated. It should just populate into the correct data structures. Assuming you managed to get the same underlying data (the byte[]) into java that you produced in C# (check that first: all bets are off if you haven't managed to successfully transfer the byte[]) –  Marc Gravell Jun 11 '12 at 19:22

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A List<MyClass> is actually serialized as a sequence of MyClass objects, each with a standard field-header of 1. I don't know the java API backwards: if it has a "read a sequence of items" API then: use that. However, a trusty fallback is the following, entirely compatible ".proto" fragment:

message Foo {
    repeated MyClass items = 1;

Load the data as a Foo (you might want to rename that...) and: job done.

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Well I ended up by creating another proto message

message MyClassCollection {
    repeated MyClass = 1;

Then compile it into java class and deserialize the incoming array like

MyClassCollection MyObjects = MyClassCollection.parseFrom(http_input_stream);
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