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I need JForemattedTextField wich will format date ("dd.MM.yy"). Code:

SimpleDateFormat format= new SimpleDateFormat("dd.MM.yy");
DateFormatter formatter = new DateFormatter(format);
JForemattedTextField inputText = new JFormattedTextField(formatter);
inputText.setValue(new Date());

The problem is: if the date is "11/06/12" for example and if i try to input 12 on month I cant do it because when I type 1 it understands the month as 16 and doesnt give me to input the next digit. I need that when I type for example 12 on month position then the JFormattedTextField will check the correctness of the month only after I typed the second digit, and if it is incorrect the month will return back to previous value. How can I solve this?

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Either if these is more reliable; also consider jcalendar. –  trashgod Jun 11 '12 at 19:12

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