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What is the correct way to add a product variant?

I create the product successfully and it shows up in my Shopify admin. However the price is always zero and the quantity is always infinity.

I've tried creating a variant with inventory_quantity and price set, as well as with product_id set in prefix_options.

However admin is always showing price zero and quantity infinity.

Rails v3.2.5
shopify_api v3.0.0
shop name: vacation-2

I don't get errors doing the API calls. I simply don't see my variant data in the product in admin.

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Make sure that you set the :inventory_management attribute to "shopify", or the quantity won't persist.

I just tested this out, and it works perfectly:

product.variants <<
  :option1              => "Large",
  :price                => 12.95,
  :inventory_management => 'shopify',
  :inventory_quantity   => 10
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Thanks, this worked. Couldn't find in documentation on Shopify but I guess that's why they have a wiki! Here is what I ended up actually using:<br/><!-- language: ruby -->shopify_listing = ShopifyAPI::Product.find(listing.shopify_id<br/>shopify_listing.update_attribute‌​s(listing_data)<br/>variant = ShopifyAPI::Variant.find(<br/>variant.update_a‌​ttributes({inventory_quantity: listing.quantity, inventory_management: 'shopify', price: listing.price}) –  realdeal Jun 12 '12 at 16:54

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