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Can a dimension in css be set to "0", without any units? Because in my world "0 px" is exactly as long as "0 cm", "0 em" and even "0%".



Thank you!

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Yes, it can: a non-unit 0 measurement is absolutely fine:

Lengths refer to distance measurements and are denoted by <length> in the property definitions. A length is a dimension. A zero length may be represented instead as the <number> ‘0’. (In other words, for zero lengths the unit identifier is optional.)

(Emphasis mine).


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Yes. Setting 0 without specifying any unit is perfectly valid.

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Yes, you can. For zero values the unit is optional.

Personally I actually prefer using 0 over 0px, because it's clearer that it actually was a zero value that was intended, not just a 10px that accidentally lost its 1.

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