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I am trying to submit a form via ajax from inside a colorbox, but when I submit the form is tells me that the function is not available. Need help to understand

/* Inside colorbox */

<div id="messageform" style="display:none;">

<?php echo Form::open(); ?>

<?php echo Form::label('message', 'message'); ?> <br />
<?php echo Form::textarea('message', NULL,array('id'=>'messagecontent')); ?> <br />

<button id="sendmessage" onclick="sendmessage('<?= Auth::instance()->get_user(); ?>', '<?= $user->id; ?>', 'test message');">Send</button>

<?php echo Form::close(); ?>


/* AJAX function located before body close*/

function sendmessage(user_id, to_id, message)
var loadUrl= '<?=url::base()?>message/send';

$.post(loadUrl,{uid: user_id, tid: to_id, message: message}, function(code){}); 

I am getting a 'sendmessage' not found from the console

/* open colorbox */

The colorbox is being launched via link click


$.colorbox({inline:true, width:"50%", open:true, href:"#messageform",
            onClosed: function() {
            onOpen: function() {

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Your function has the same name as the butrón id.

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Thank you soo much that was completely right I am still learning , maybe you can also help me I am trying to pass the textarea value into that function but can't figure it out, this is what I am trying <script>var message = $("textarea#messagecontent").val();</script> <button onclick="sendmessage('<?= Auth::instance()->get_user(); ?>', '<?= $user->id; ?>', message);">Send</button> – user1019144 Jun 11 '12 at 18:01
Just remove the textarea before #messagecontent – Ateszki Jun 11 '12 at 22:45

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