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This is a follow-up to an earlier question I had: Combining Survey Items in R/ Recoding NAs

I have a data-frame that has multiple factor-variables that I want to combine into one variable.

A        North     NA      NA
A        South     NA      NA
B        NA      East      NA
B        NA      West      NA
C        NA        NA     North
C        NA        NA     East

I want the combined data frame to look like this.

A        North    
A        South     
B        East      
B        West      
C        North       
C        East     

Using the technique in the previous post within(df, x3 <- ifelse(, x2, x1))works for numbers, but does not seem to handle the factors well.

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you need to use levels. for more info look at the help file for ?factor.

within(df, x3 <- ifelse(, levels(x2)[x2], levels(x1)[x1]))

Or with your example:

within(df, x3 <- ifelse(!, 
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That did the trick. Thank you – CGN Jun 11 '12 at 19:14
 # Reproducing your data frame:

 DF <- data.frame(ID=rep(c('A', 'B', 'C'), each=2), 
                  REGIONA=c('North', 'South', rep('NA', 4) ),
                  REGIONB=c('NA', 'NA', 'East', 'West', 'NA', 'NA'),
                  REGIONC=c(rep('NA', 4), 'North', 'East'))

 # Your data frame contains levels, it is necessary that 'NA' becomes NA, so:

 DF[DF=='NA'] <- NA

 # Removing NA's
 ind <- apply(DF, 2,
 new <- data.frame(matrix(DF[!ind], nrow(DF)))
 colnames(new) <- c('ID', 'REGION')
1  A  North
2  A  South
3  B   East
4  B   West
5  C  North
6  C   East
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I don't think you need apply. data.frame(matrix(DF[!], nrow(DF))) should suffice. – GSee Jun 11 '12 at 20:19
This is more scalable than the accepted answer, I prefer it. – smci Oct 29 '12 at 6:29

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