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A <div></div> is supposed to be rectangle or square, can we use html5 or any other method of web technology to make it appear like a rhombus?

I know html5 can create a tilted line to write text or even rotate them.

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Div is neither a square, nor a rectangle. It just defines a division or a section in an HTML document. You could make it like rectangle or square by putting css on it.

You can use HTML5 Canvas to draw a rhombus

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you are looking for something like this--with your css

#rhombusDiv { 
 width: 150px; 
 height: 100px;
 -webkit-transform: skew(20deg);
 -moz-transform: skew(20deg); 
 -o-transform: skew(20deg);
  background: blue;

see this fiddle for example -

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Yes. You could use RaphaelJS for this purpose.

See this jsfiddle for a demo:

RaphaelJS uses VML / SVG, depending on which one is available - which more or less guarantees cross-browser compatibility. This method works in IE and FF/Safari/Chrome and gives you some interface flexibility.

First, create an absolutely positioned DIV named r_paper:

<div id="r_paper"></div>

Link to the RaphaelJS library, and then, in JavaScript, do this:

var paper = Raphael( "r_paper" );
    "m10,140 l125,-100 l125,100 l-125,100 l-125,-100"
    'stroke-width': 5, fill: 'crimson'

enter image description here

Note that the 'paper' DIV element (think of it as canvas) is styled as such:

#r_paper { 
    position: absolute;
    width:270px; height:270px;
    left: 100px; top:100px
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