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I don't understand the necessity for nested routes. There are many things about Rails routes that I DO understand.

Here is my simple setup in this Rails 3.2 application:

Categories habtm Products

In routes.rb:

resources :categories do
  member do
    get 'list_products_in'
    post 'add_to'
    post 'remove_from'

resources :products

I have basically created a page from which to add products to a category. There is a select box at the top containing the products, and at the bottom is the list. To add a product to the list, you choose one from the select box and click the "Add" button. "add_to" is called via Ajax. Works great.

My problem is that to make this app degrade gracefully, I want it to work without Ajax also. But none of my routes work properly.

I know from the above that my custom routes are not expecting a product_id to be passed in addition to the category id. My question is, how can I add more parameters to my custom routes?

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You can use :variable segments in your routes to supply additional variable segments.

For example, you could add a product_id segment to your add_to and remove_from routes:

post 'add_to/:product_id'
post 'remove_from/:product_id'
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I tried that, but "rake routes" then gives me: "missing :action" –  AKWF Jun 11 '12 at 18:42
I think this did it for me: match 'add_to/:product_id' => 'categories#add_to', :as => 'add_to', :via => :post –  AKWF Jun 11 '12 at 18:46

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