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I am thinking of the reliable way to reproduce the GMap route between two points.

Currently I persist the origin/destination/travelMode/routeIndex and pass it to GMap DirectionServices to reproduce the route, and it it quite reliable.

However I can imagine after few months, GMap DirectionServices might not return the same route result with the same set of data (due to map data update etc.), when my users come back to revisit his old trip route stored in my system, he may find a different result.

How to resolve this problem? One way I can think is to store the path of the DirectionServices result once it is returned from GMap, but I don't know whether this is a good design.

Thank you.


I am using the below method to reproduce the route. Firstly capture the path data from DirectionServices, something like:

path = (1.2922900000000002, 103.8233),(1.2913000000000001, 103.82319000000001),(1.29089, 103.82318000000001),(1.29081, 103.82410000000002),(1.2907000000000002, 103.82520000000001),(1.29065, 103.82593000000001),(1.29064, 103.82622),(1.29058, 103.82805),(1.2905000000000002, 103.83042),(1.29047, 103.83181),(1.29045, 103.83212),(1.29159, 103.83212),(1.2916400000000001, 103.83214000000001),(1.29173, 103.83223000000001),(1.2916, 103.83234),(1.29153, 103.8324),(1.2916200000000002, 103.83241000000001),(1.2917800000000002, 103.83244),(1.2919100000000001, 103.83250000000001),(1.2920200000000002, 103.83263000000001),(1.29207, 103.83273000000001),(1.2920800000000001, 103.83286000000001),(1.29217, 103.83358000000001),(1.29261, 103.83334),(1.2931100000000002, 103.83302),(1.29332, 103.83289),(1.2939900000000002, 103.83252)

Then I use google encoding service to encode the points array


as something like:

encodedPath = yk{Fs~txRdETpA@NwDT{EHqC@y@JmJNyMDuGB}@cF?ICQQXULKQA_@EYKUYISAYQoCwAn@cB~@i@XeChA

which is stored into DB.

Later I retrieve that encoded string from DB, and use google decode service to restore it back to point array.


And use the point array to draw the polyline.

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Likely that would violate the terms of service, which prohibit caching or storing data except for short term performance purposes. The only thing I can think of is to have the user trace the route using the drawing tools library and you can store that. –  Mano Marks Jun 11 '12 at 18:18
Thank you Mano. If like what you suggested, allowing user trace the route using the drawing tools library, I still need to store the route data first, right? By saying route data, I am saying an array of points of the GMap DirectionServices result. –  George SUN Jun 12 '12 at 2:48
You can store routes generated by your users drawing a line on the map, just not the driving directions route. –  Mano Marks Jun 12 '12 at 15:08

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