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I have a ScrollView containing a number of buttons and textviews.

I wish to insert a new button midway (index 3)on the scroll view but get the error, "ScrollView can host only one direct child"

Is this not possible?

Button b = new Button(this);


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Put the sub-views in a layout like LinearLayout or RelativeLayout then put the layout in the ScrollView. Add your views to the layout rather than the ScrollView.

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No you can't add more then one view in scollview as you know now "ScrollView can host only one direct child"

you would definalty have a linear layout in scollview where you would have added other buttons previously so add new one in that......

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how about to remove the child of the scrollview first... and then add the new component into it. :D which means, the scrollview still has only ONE single view. right ? @DheereshSingh –  gumuruh Aug 23 '14 at 7:17

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