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I'm new to Riak and new to Erlang. I have successfully created and run JS MapReduce jobs, now I'm trying to execute the following Reduce function:

What are the steps to execute this reduce function? Specifically,

  • Where should I put the code?
  • What should I type into addReducePhase( ) ?


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You should write something like:

MapReduceResult result = client.mapReduce("myBucket")
    .addLinkPhase("bucketX", "test", false)
    .addMapPhase(new NamedJSFunction("Riak.mapValuesJson"), false)
    .addReducePhase(new NamedErlangFunction("riak_kv_mapreduce", "reduce_sort"), true)

In this case the reduce phase call the function reduce_sort of erlang module riak_kv_mapreduce. In your case you should call

.addReducePhase(new NamedErlangFunction("reduce_functions", "delete"), true)

(the true at the end is a flag that set if results have to be returned to client - last step - or not -intermediate step -)

The Erlang files should be compiled as .beam before use and added to 'add_paths' parameters in riak.config like

{add_paths, ["/home/vinz/riak/custom_modules/"]}

where /home/vinz/riak/custom_modules is the directory containing the compiled Erlang modules.

Refer to Basho Java Client readme for further information. I hope this helps!

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The example above doesn't work. As stated here (, I should set the "add_paths" setting in app.config. According to the doc, "add_paths" is a "list of paths to add to the Erlang code path. This setting is especially useful for allowing Riak to use external modules during MapReduce queries". Should I compile the erlang module first? How should I name the file? Thanks – Mark Jun 12 '12 at 15:40
Edited to refer to your questions. About how you should name your file, above the riak_kv_mapreduce module is contained in a file called 'riak_kv_mapreduce.erl' and compiled to 'riak_kv_mapreduce.beam'. – Vincenzo Maggio Jun 13 '12 at 8:14

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