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Looking through the README it doesn't look there is a way to create design docs with Nano? What are others doing for this?

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Nano as in the terminal based editor? –  jcolebrand Jun 11 '12 at 18:32
"Nano" as in the couchdb client for Node.js: github.com/dscape/nano –  Adam Bowen Jan 19 at 22:49

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Simply use the db.insert function.

db.insert(design_doc, '_design/design_doc_name', callback);

Here's a more complete example (from tests/view/query):

  { "views": 
    { "by_name_and_city": 
      { "map": function(doc) { emit([doc.name, doc.city], doc._id); } } 
  }, '_design/people', function (error, response) {

If you are interested in learning some more check this sample or go on and read the CouchDB Guide

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