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I'm trying to include a pause feature for my game. So far running pause on the [CCDirector sharedDirector] has been good enough when run through my pauseGame method (which incorporates a BOOL to tell if game is paused, etc.)

However, I noticed that if I go back to the homescreen on my device, my application delegate will automatically run pause and resume on the sharedDirector.

Ideally, I would like access my active scene/layer's so I can run my own pause method.

How can I: 1) check if the current scene is my game scene 2) access the game scene's pause property, and run the pauseGame method on it?

Any help appreciated. Thanks

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The running scene is [CCDirector sharedDirector].runningScene

If you call [scene pauseSchedulerAndActions]; on the current scene this is will not be resumed when going back and forth on the home screen.

If you need to pause ALL nodes in the hierarchy, here is a method to extend CCNode

-(void)recursivePauseSchedulerAndActions {
    [self pauseSchedulerAndActions];
    CCNode *child;
    CCARRAY_FOREACH(children_, child) {
        [child recursivePauseSchedulerAndActions];
-(void)recursiveResumeSchedulerAndActions {
    [self resumeSchedulerAndActions];
    CCNode *child;
    CCARRAY_FOREACH(children_, child) {
        [child recursiveResumeSchedulerAndActions];
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Hi, thanks for your suggestion. An issue I have with the pause or pauseSchedulerWithActions is that I have sprites on the screen that implement touch. So while the game is paused, you can still drag them around. This is why I tried using my own pause method in game, which removes the touchdelegates and re-adds them. That's why I'd prefer to use my own method within the class. Any ideas? Thanks –  user339946 Jun 11 '12 at 18:48

I use a different approach for pausing a game.

I usually have a game scene with game layers. To pause the game I add a new layer (covering the entire screen) and when I pause the game I display this layer. This way you can stop touching events for the game layer and restore them when resuming the game (and removing the pause layer from the scene)

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