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I have a plot in Matlab needed to save the eps format. If I use the interactive menu in the figure to do so, everything is going all right, the exported eps is good. But if I use the following command

saveas(gca, 'myplot.eps','psc2');

But if I do in this way, the exported eps is not clipped and the margin is too big. How to save the eps without margin in the program? Thanks.

BTW, if I use the following code instead

saveas(gca, 'myplot.eps','eps');

then the output eps is clipped but it is black and white instead of color.

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The following works for me:

print -depsc myplot.eps
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Just combine @mola's answer with what you've got already:

saveas(gca, 'myplot.eps','epsc');

Note the c in 'epsc'.

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Here is what you are looking for:


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thanks. I am just wondering if there is any way to do that with built-in matlab function. –  user1285419 Jun 11 '12 at 19:06

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