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After (finally) adding some analytics to my Facebook app and realizing that English is pretty far down on the list of my users' languages, I started to look into the official docs on internationalization.

However, the docs almost entirely refer to FBML and the <fb:intl> tag, and as of this month (June 2012), support FBML has been entirely removed.

The docs make brief mention of using the REST API to call intl.getTranslations (which is also legacy), or querying the translation FQL table (which seems like a lot of overhead for a previously simple task).

So, am I missing something obvious here? What's the new recommended way to mark up and display translated phrases on a canvas app without using FBML?

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I have the same question/problem. Also reported this as a bug on Facebook. – user1055761 Oct 11 '12 at 2:21

I don't think there is a Facebook recommended way, but here is how we do it : - we read the facebook locale sent by Facebook through the signed request - we see if we have translations for this language - if not we serve a default language

obviously, that requires you to perform the translations yourselves rather than using the community and tools provided by Facebook, but you could write a tool to get the translations from google translate.

Hope that helps ?

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