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I have installed repo and git on my PC. I am trying to get the latest Android source by using the following commands:

  1. repo init -u git:// The command succeeds but I am not able to see .repo directory created.

  2. repo sync This command also succeeds and the program shows the details of objects being received. However I am not able to see anything downloaded to my PC.

Any help will be appreciated.

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.repo is a hidden directory. Does repo init says succeeded and initialized in dir path?

You can see the contents only after sync is complete.

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Thanks. It does say succeeded. I did not wait for sync to complete because it was taking very long and I could not see even a single file copied to my PC. Are you saying that no files will be visible till sync is 100% complete? – Mayank Jul 9 '09 at 5:47
Yes, you should wait till repo sync is complete. – Vinay Jul 10 '09 at 14:52
True, .repo is a hidden directory. And most of the operations by repo sync is performed in the hidden directory. However the last parts of the process should be visible on your filesystem. – Bjarke Freund-Hansen Aug 11 '11 at 9:02

Check your git installation folders, or the directory where you have launched the command. Usually the contents are just downloaded in the current working directory in a folder.

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