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I'm trying to have a time picker (this one) to not auto-open when it's inside a modal dialog.

Here's a js fiddle demonstrating the problem. If I have a text box outside of the modal, and call .timepicker on it, it doesn't open right up. If I open up the modal dialog that contains another timepicker, it's already open. Anyone know of a way I can work around this?

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Add tabindex="-1" to the input field in the modal. After some digging I learned that jQuery dialogue will select the first input field. When the input field gains focus it activates the timepicker. Here are some interesting reads on the topic:

Prevent jQuery UI dialog from setting focus to first textbox


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Perfect, thank you. Kinda strange that jQuery doesn't have a workaround for that built in. –  Colin DeClue Jun 11 '12 at 19:48

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