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I am trying to delete .txt extension from filename that is written in string "mat":

sscanf(mat, "%s.txt", ime_datoteke);

If mat="sm04567890.txt" I want that ime_datoteke="sm04567890". As in example I tried using sscanf, but it doesnt work (it copies mat to ime_datoteke).

How can I do it in C?

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You could modify your sscanf approach slightly to read a string that does not include a .:

sscanf(mat, "%[^.].txt", ime_datoteke);

However, it would be best if you look for the . character from the end of the string, and then copy the substring determined by it.

char* dot = strrchr(mat, '.');
strncpy(ime_datoteke, mat, dot - mat);
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Use strrchr:

char* pch = strrchr(str,'.');

   *pch = '\0';
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This example uses strrchr() to locate the last period in the string, and then copies only the part of the string that preceeds that period.

If no period is found, the entire string is copied.

const char *fullstop;

if ((fullstop = strrchr(mat, '.')))
    strncpy(ime_datoteke, mat, fullstop - mat);
    strcpy(ime_datoteke, mat);
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With the Standard C function strstr:

char a[] ="sm04567890.txt";
char *b = strstr(a, ".txt");
*b = '\0';
printf("%s\n", a);

will print:


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