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I have an oni file where depth and rgb images are not aligned. I read in other questions that in this case it is useful to use GetAlternativeViewPointCap(). However this does not work.

I tried the following code:

if (depth.IsCapabilitySupported(XN_CAPABILITY_ALTERNATIVE_VIEW_POINT)) { depth.GetAlternativeViewPointCap().SetViewPoint(image); }

In the xml file I tried (one of the several attempts)


<Recording file="file.oni" /> <Node type="Depth" > <Query> <Capabilities> <Capability>Alternative View</Capability> </Capabilities> </Query> <Configuration> </Configuration> </Node> ....

Is it possible to use GetAlternativeViewPointCap also for already recorded files? How the xml file should be configured?

Based on the capabilities that I add I get the error: Open failed: The node is locked for changes!

Any idea? Tks!

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If you load a recording file you cannot change its Capabilities, Resolution, etc. Configuring is only relates when connecting to a real hardware.

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