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The code below is for getting a Json string for the selected rows in a grid. However this feels rather clumsy or is the way to go for extjs 4?

var json = "[";
var selrows = g.getView().getSelectionModel().getSelection();
for (var r=0; r<selrows.length; r++) {
    var selrow = selrows[r];
    json += "{";
    for (var f=0; f<selrow.fields.length; f++) {
        var n = selrow.fields.items[f].name;
        var v = selrow.data[n];
        json += "'" + n + "' : '" + v + "',";
    json += "},";
json += "]";

In Firebug I see a json-alike representation of the selrow var but I can't seem to get hold of it in javascript.

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Try this:

json = Ext.JSON.encode(g.getView().getSelectionModel().getSelection().map(function(e){ return e.data; }));

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Thanks Mark, that's much clearer... –  Paul Jun 11 '12 at 20:01

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