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I have a list of "hours" that workers passed on mandates. An admin can check them (checkbox)to add them to a bill, (but he can adapt the real hours)

So, I have an array of hour selected, in my controler I get the hours :

$hours = $repository->findBy(array('id' => $tabHour));

so $hours countain more than one hour, I thought that if I was creating a form with $hours, it will automaticly display the fields more than once..

foreach($hours as $key => $test){

    $billedHour[$key] = new BilledHour();
    $form[$key] = $this->container->get('form.factory')->create(new BillMandateForm(), $hour);

I tried to do like this. But it's not solved, cause if I return a collection of forms I can't do 'form' => $form->createView()so I can't render the forms...

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Hey, no answer I was still able to do it, with the way of relationship class (manytoone) cause a bill has many billedhours, so with this I could generate fields (and parse it in javascript). But I still don't know how to display more than one form in a page, if I want to create 2 entities at the same time ?? – RaFF Jun 17 '12 at 8:32

Try to pack all your form views in array

$billedHours = array();
$forms = array();
foreach($hours as $hour) {
    $billedHours[] = new BilledHour();
    $forms[] = $this->container->get('form.factory')->create(new BillMandateForm(), $hour);

Then, create array of rendered form views

$formsToRender = array();
foreach($forms as $form) {
    $formsToRender[] = $form->createView();

Then, pass this array to Twig:

'forms' => $formsToRender

And finally in Twig render each of form views from array:

{% for form in forms %}
    {{ form_row(form.id) }} {# or form_widget(form) if you want to render whole from instead of some fields #}
{% endfor %}

I hope this helps ;)

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Thank you for the answer, I thought I tried something like rendering the form like you did. I think I still had some problems, but as I said in the comment I used the relations to generate forms. – RaFF Jul 25 '12 at 23:03

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