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Apple's Shader Builder is not terribly advanced. I was wondering if there are any better choices for OS X other than running something under bootcamp.

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There's a tool called Shader Maker which is based on Qt. Lumina is also open source.

One of the best GLSL editors I've encountered is ATI's RenderMonkey, but there is sadly no Mac OS X version.

Quartz Composer (included with the OS X development tools) has some GLSL editing functionality but it's probably not what you want. This is an example of something developed using the tool.

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Yeah, RenderMonkey is the best out there IMO. I would run it off bootcamp or virtualize it since it isn't mega heavy on the hardware.

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OpenGL Shader Builder, I think it's part of Xcode, as I don't recall ever installing it and I have it.

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The original question is asking for alternatives to OpenGL Shader Builder. –  HulkHolden Apr 7 '13 at 21:34

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