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'Im using ARC and UINavigationController to switch between 10 viewcontrollers. Everything works great, but after a while didReceiveMemoryWarning is called (because of all the open view controllers) and [super didreceivememorywarning] cleans out all the view controllers that aren't Super. That is perfect for me. The only problem is that when it is called the app lags for a second.

Can I call [super didreceivememorywarning] in every view controller's viewDidDisappear? That works perfectly when I test it, but is it allowed/stupid to do? If not, how can I release every view controller that isn't Super?

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if didReceiveMemoryWarning is called, its never okay! –  mayuur Oct 3 '12 at 9:33

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Straight from the UIViewController documentation:

Your app never calls this method directly. Instead, this method is called when the system determines that the amount of available memory is low.

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